As more healthcare organizations undergo clinical and digital transformation processes, the demand for nurses with informatics training and expertise continues to grow.  AMR Healthcare Consulting offers informatics education resources and training through our newly established Nursing Center of Clinical Transformation. The Nursing Center for Clinical Transformation (NCCT) established in 2017, is a resource center aimed at equipping nurses with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to become leaders in care transformation by leveraging data, clinical analytics, and technology at the point of care.

Our mission is to ensure nurses are educated about the impact of emerging technologies on nursing care, and are prepared to contribute to and lead clinical transformation initiatives. 

Nursing Center for Clinical Transformation

Nursing Data Science

Focus on data science approaches to improve patient outcomes

Nursing Informatics

Enhance your informatics expertise by gaining skills and knowledge necessary to gain board certification

Emerging Technologies

Examine emerging trends in Healthcare Information Technology and the impact on nursing practice

NCCT goal is to provide a set of training, leadership development opportunities, and a toolbox of education for nurses covering topics such as:

  • The implementation of clinical decision support rules 
  • Nurses role in the design and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
  • The role nurses have in Population Health
  • Digital transformation for nurses
  • Integrating Predictive Clinical Analytics into existing nursing workflows
  • Implications of Precision Medicine in patient care
  • Using data science methods to improve patient outcomes 
  • and...many more!

Education and Training Resources:

  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Toolkits
  • Books & Publications


Nurses Toolkit for Clinical Transformation - a comprehensive set of tools and resources that nurses can use to lead clinical transformation initiates at their organization. The Toolkit will provide a road-map based upon best practices methodologies  and evaluations for successful transformation. 

transforming practice. improving outcomes.

What is clinical transformation?

Clinical Transformation is the adoption of new processes to improve clinical workflow and patient outcomes.

Clinical Transformation enables nurses to partner with patients, families and providers in innovative ways through the use of emerging technology at the point of care to improve clinical outcomes.

Why should nurses be involved in clinical transformation?

Nurses are a critical component of change and the largest workforce in the healthcare industry.

Nurses are encouraged to take on leadership roles to improve safety and efficiency, bring evidence for decision making to the point of care, and empower patients to be involved partners. 

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