Consulting Services

AMR Healthcare provides professional healthcare IT consulting services to hospitals, health systems, vendors, and provider practices. Services include project management, building, testing, training, providing activation/go-live support, upgrades, and optimizations for leading EHR solutions. See below for a comprehensive list of services.


Implementation and Optimization

For almost a decade, AMR Healthcare Consulting has been helping clients meet their information system implementation needs. Our implementation consultants focus on understanding our clients current workflows and utilizing a tailored approach for a successful implementation. Once your organization is live, our consultants provide recommendations to optimize the current system and work with you to take your system to the next level. 

Design and Configuration

Our consultants will work closely with your team to design and configure the software to meet your organizational needs. Our clinical system experts can also train members of your staff to administer system configurations for future maintenance.

Testing, Training, and Adoption

We provide experienced clinical system consultants who can help your organization plan and deliver quality testing, training and implement an adoption strategy for end users.

Activation / Go-Live Support

AMR Healthcare Consulting provides experienced go-live support, saving your healthcare organization time and money. We provide a range of go-live support services including: at-the-elbow go-live support for your end users, command center support, and help desk ticket resolution. 

Reporting & Clinical Analytics

Having structured data in your EHR is an important step. But real value is being able to utilize the clinical data to develop concise reports for decision-making. Our consultants will work closely with your reporting team to deliver quality data in a meaningful way.

Workflow Analysis & Redesign

To achieve optimal workflow, organizations must take a step back and analyze the current processes. We will help in identifying, prioritizing, and ordering the tasks and information needed to achieve the intended result of a clinical process. These techniques are used to: 

  • Identify the boundaries of a process
  • Establish a common understanding of its triggers, steps, and results among stakeholders
  • Analyze how the current process functions
  • Understand where it can be streamlined and otherwise improved
  • Develop use cases that will guide the design, development, and support of the new system that automates the process

Once we have mapped the process, we will assist your team to redesign the workflow to incorporate the desired improvements.  


Our management consulting services focus on aligning IT operations with business functions and processes, change management, ROI of key initiatives, transition roadmaps, and project planning, monitoring and control.

IT Strategy Development

AMR helps organizations improve performance by not only analyzing technology, but developing a strategy to and ensure that all facets of the operations are measurably contributing to the mission.

Interim Management

Our interim managers partner with your existing leadership team to support large-scale change, such as an organizational turnaround, as well as smaller change, such as leadership transition, which can be equally disruptive. 

Organizational Change Management

One of the many highlights of an EHR implementation is the organizational change that is destine to ensue. Managing change is about handling the complexity of the processes, evaluating, planning and implementing operations, and strategies. It's complex, dynamic and challenging and our consultants are well equipped with industry knowledge and best practices to lead your organization's change management initiative.   

Project & Program Management

 AMR Healthcare Consulting provides our clients with IT project and program management services, including: 

  • Schedule, Budget, and Resource Management
  • Risk Analysis and Planning
  • Quality Assurance and Standardization
  • Communications Planning
  • Governance and Oversight


Process Improvement

AMR Healthcare is committed to ongoing Process Improvement to increase efficiency, improve productivity, improve patient care, and help lower health care costs. Our process improvement consultants analyze and map current processes, identify risks and gaps to best practice, summarize recommendations and facilitate decision making with your team. We then design ideal state process flows that are used by system application developers and training teams. Our team has worked on various process improvement projects including:

  • Improving emergency department througput 
  • Improving discharge process for inpatients 
  • Improving patient handoff  
  • Improving productivity by reducing documentation chart times
  • Reducing readmissions for patients through care redesign

Performance Improvement

We understand the challenges that nurses, physicians, ancillary, and support personnel face on a daily basis. We help to tackle your barriers to success so that you can focus on what matters the most...patient care. We combine traditional performance improvement with a clinically driven approach that helps hospitals and health systems significantly improve their margins while enhancing quality of care. 

Outcomes Realization

Meeting goals and achieving outcomes requires a thoughtful approach to governance, organizational change management, benefits realization, implementation, support and optimization. AMR consultants use proven methodologies and toolsets to assist clients in implementing and realizing the full benefits of EHRs by incorporating leading practices from industry experience.

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